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Harry Potter

I'm sure many of us can remember when the first Harry Potter movie came out all of those years ago. I remember it quite vividly. It was the biggest movie of the summer and everyone went crazy when it came out. 

my entry quite bored and having a long summary but for sure who love harry potter still want read :)
enjoy the last short scrin from me :\ after read this summary !

This article provides a recap of all of the Harry Potter movies up to this point. This will help those people who missed a couple of movies or those who never did see any of them. If you did see all of the movies,but your memory is a little blurry, this review should help. Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone came out in 2001. The young Daniel Radcliffe played the wizard who had gained a lot of notoriety for being the one who survived the attack by Voldemort, Harry Potter's arch enemy who had killed his parents when he was just a baby. Harry, while living at his aunt's and uncles home, starts to receive lett…